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Génome, Evolution et Bioinformatique

Genome, Evolution and Bioinformatics
The research interest of the Genomics, Evolution and Bioinformatics (GEB) group is the understanding of microbial and eukaryote genetic informations through comparative genomics, phylogenomics of biological systems and development of bioinformatic tools. This is done through an array of genomic projects including functional, structural and comparative analysis of genomes/systems, and phylogenomics. GEB group is also involved in an integrated project relative to the identification, dynamic and evolution of DNA repeats sequences (in particular mobile genetic elements).

Current research projects
- Comparative analysis of Acidithiobacillus genomes.
- Evolutionary genomics of Magnetotactic bacteria.
- Evolutionary history of thioredoxin proteins (collaboration with [L. Pieulle->article 983], LCB).
- Accurate identification and evolution of mobile genetic elements.
- Phylogenomics of RDF genes (Collaboration with [M. Ansaldi->article 944], LCB).

What can we learn from Genomes ?